Hello, my name is Professor Elie. I am a Spanish teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching and improving the communication of foreign students in the Spanish language. I can teach any level, including elementary, intermediate, and / or advanced. I graduated from the well-known “Modern Languages” program at La Corporación Universitaria de la Costa, in Barranquilla in 1998. In addition to my experience as a Spanish teacher, for the past twelve years, I have been an ESL professor at various high schools and private schools in the city of Cartagena and therefore I have a good level of English.

The success of my work is based on the love of teaching Spanish. So I continually push each of my students to learn this wonderful language properly. From all of these years of teaching, I have gotten many students to improve their fluency in Spanish and they have come to value the importance of learning this “rich” language.

In my classes, grammar is the foundation of teaching. I use resources that further contribute to the process of language acquisition. For example: texts, listening exercises, songs, videos, and other relevant tools. But knowing grammar, without the ability to communicate, is worthless.

So my job is to facilitate conversations and introduce topics that are interesting to students. I listen carefully to them which is why I have the ability to understand their interests and make them want to express it in Spanish. This way, they learn to combine their grammar with vocabulary, rather than just use rules and words which don´t function well by themselves.

I strive to understand the needs of individual students, what they need, what their weak areas are, and what the strategies are for students to progress in their learning process.

Individual classes are preferred for better results, but pairs and groups of three are also accepted.


learning spanish in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is widely considered one of the most remarkable cities in the world, and is a destination that cannot be left unexplored. Its magnificence is prevalent in the stunning homes, and vibrant plazas that line the streets. Featuring the perfect combination of tropical ambiance, natural wonders, and high class venues, this magical city is a truly awe-inspiring venue for learning Spanish in Cartagena Colombia.