Private Lessons


We have the professionalism and experience to guarantee an effective and appropriate process of immersion into the language; our private classes, in which students can find an environment full of warmth and comfort, are adequate to the level of the students , so they can have what they need and want.

We are also willing to go to any place where students want to have the lessons.

Group Classes


We all, teachers and students, realize the importance of using different kinds of strategies and tools to get languages into an immersion where we can find spontaneous situations, through interactions with others, speaking and listening we can solve each circumstance. That's why we also offer you group rendezvous where you can feel free to express and talk openly about any topic you prefer. So let's get together and speak Spanish!

Skype Converstation Classes


We offer excellent virtual classes via Skype, we give you the freedom of designing your schedule, so that you can take the classes in your appropriate time. Thinking about a lot of people and their time availability or their difficulty to visit countries where they can have a complete immersion in Spanish language. A number of students who took lessons in Espanolcartagena, happy with the experience of having had our classes, and others who have heard of prof. Elie´s methods, keep studying with us from their countries.

City Tours in Spanish


We offer great tours through the city, to those students who want to learn more about our beautiful and historical Cartagena. In this way, students can keep contact with this mixture the tropical ambiance and the magic of the old city and other different places, while practicing or speaking with local people; and if you don’t have time for lessons but you need someone to help express you through the city, we are your guide and translator!


learning spanish in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is widely considered one of the most remarkable cities in the world, and is a destination that cannot be left unexplored. Its magnificence is prevalent in the stunning homes, and vibrant plazas that line the streets. Featuring the perfect combination of tropical ambiance, natural wonders, and high class venues, this magical city is a truly awe-inspiring venue for learning Spanish in Cartagena Colombia.